Digital Leaders

digiDigital Leaders are a group of pupils from upper Key Stage 2, each week they meet with Mr. Walker to discuss and plan improvements around school. They help promote and inspire I.C.T/Computing in our school by having an active role in decision making, teaching groups of children, implementing online safety, reviewing technologies and encouraging others to use I.C.T more effectively.

The Digital Leaders have recently entered the VEX Robotics Tournament. Each week they are given a challenge that their robot has to overcome whilst competing against another school involved in the tournament. This week the children had to navigate an obstacle course and retrieve the object at the end of the course.  We welcomed pupils from Laurence Jackson School. All the pupils enjoyed the challenge and well done to Laurence Jackson for completing the course!

IMG_0246            IMG_0244

The Digital Leaders created a video to celebrate our school becoming apart of St. Hilda’s Catholic Academy Trust.

Some of our Digital Leaders recently took part in INSPIRE2LEARNs Vex robotics day in which they had to control and programme a robot to overcome a series of challenges! 

IMG_0278 IMG_0285 IMG_0286

We had a great day and can’t wait to get involved with future events!